Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pipkin Students Participate in MathCounts

Five Pipkin 8th grade Algebra students participated in the Ozarks district MATHCOUNTS competition this past Saturday at Drury University. Erin Couch, Chris Crosby, Alisha Greer, Cloe Hise, and Jonathan Richards formed our team and finished sixth among 13 schools. This is the highest placement Pipkin has had in the past 13 years. Entries included Pipkin, Pershing, Hickory Hills, Central MYSP, Immaculate Conception, St. Agnes, St. Joseph’s, Greenwood, Bolivar, Branson, Clever, Fair Grove, and Fairview. Thank you Mr. Ingalsbe for your work with this team. It is nice to have another positive for Pipkin, but the greatest thing is enhanced Math ability your support brings for these students.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The next PTSA meeting will be on Thursday, 2/11 at 4 pm - this should give us time to be done by 5pm - the Pipkin Parent Night will start at 5:30 with dinner until 6 and then some great opportunities for parents between 6 and 8 (might be 8:30) .... PLEASE let me know if you can help with set-up - serving - or clean-up - the school is expecting approx 200 to attend so we need all the help we can get!!!!
Also we are trying to put together a PTSA newsletter to go out to parents here pretty quick but I am waiting on some information from the school - we could always use more input from you - what kinds of information would you like to see in the newsletter? (this is a newsletter primarily for parents - its not the same as the Pipkin Pilot which is the student newsletter)

Friday, January 29, 2010


Welcome to Pipkin’s PTSA blog space. Links will be posted here to our MYP newsletter and other important school communication, but the main purpose of this blog is to allow parents to communicate with each other. This is an open site for all parents. Parents of transfer students may find this blog helpful as they coordinate transportation/carpooling with others who live in their neighborhoods. Please do not give out personal information in the blog. Instead, exchange email addresses or telephone numbers to protect your privacy.

Please note, for the comfort and reassurance of all users, the blog site will be monitored, and inappropriate communication will be deleted by the blog administrator.